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The Symposium

A Day of Cutting Edge Science
April 06, 2022
09:00 am

The Buck Student Aging Symposium (BSAS) is an annual research conference hosted by the Graduate Student Society for the students of the Buck to present to the entire Buck community as they would at any other national or international conferences. All Buck researchers and administrators are invited and encouraged to attend, as this event showcases the hard work these students have performed during their stay at the Buck Institute. The day will feature talks by Master's and Doctoral students as well as a poster session open to all students. In addition, each BSAS includes a keynote speaker (Dr. Irina Conboy in 2016, Dr. Daniel Promislow in 2017, Dr. Anne Brunet in 2018, Dr. Caleb Finch in 2019, Dr. David Sinclair in 2021 and Dr. Linda Partridge in 2022).

A subsection of the Graduate Student Society meets weekly for months in advance to make this yearly conference possible. With great help from Molly Susag, Lori Lee and Dr. Birgit Schilling and advising from Meagan Moore, Dr. Gordon Lithgow, and Dr. Robin Snyder, the committee works hard to plan the event agenda, find sources of funding, and coordinate with the Buck staff. Starting in 2022 BSAS will host the Arnie Kahn keynote in memory of Dr. Arnie Kahn.


With everyone’s help and support, BSAS has been able to grow in attendance as well as the activities planned, and the hope is to continue this growth for years to come!


The Organizers

Who are the BSAS committee members? 

The Graduate Student Society (GSS) strives to better the educational and social experience of the graduate students at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. The Buck Student Aging Symposium was initiated by the GSS to enrich the student experience at The Buck. All students are invited to provide their suggestions and input, and a subsection of the GSS (the BSAS committee) meets weekly after normal work hours to discuss and act upon the finer details of the event, such as inviting guest speakers, preparing the event agenda, and seeking donations.

This year’s BSAS committee is as follows:


Daria Timonina (Verdin Lab)

Edward Anderton (Lithgow Lab)

Angelina Holcom (Lithgow Lab)

Sidharth Madhavan (Newman Lab)

Zoe Du (Winer Lab)

Lauren Haky (Verdin Lab)

Doyle Lokitiyakul (Tracy Lab)

Tyler Hilsabeck (Kapahi/Brem Labs)

Kirsten Chui (Tracy Lab)

Alan Tomusiak (Rotation Student)

Molly Susag - Administrative Supporter
Dr. Birgit Schilling - Faculty 

Lori Lee - Events Coordinator




Welcome Announcements​



Dr. David Sinclair

Department of Genetics and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School




Master's Student Speaker Series

Geoffrey Meyerhof, Kapahi Laboratory (Dominican University of California)

Title: Dietary restriction enhances circadian amplitude and delays visual decline by enhancing phototransduction

Jacob Rose, Benz Laboratory (Dominican University of California)

Title: Modulating ERBB2 mRNA stability by HDACi and p300 HAT inhibition in ERBB2 overexpressing breast cancer cells

Cagsar Apaydin, Jasper Laboratory (San Francisco State University)

Title: Glial and neuronal-derived cytokines promote age-related loss of tissue homeostasis


PhD Student Speaker Series

Taekyu Kang, Brem Laboratory (2nd year, University of Southern California)

Title: Identification of genes involved in natural variation of stress resistance in species of Mus

Angelina Holcom, Lithgow Laboratory (2nd year, University of Southern California)

Title: The effect of tau aggregation on fecundity

Minna Schmidt, Andersen Laboratory (3rd year, University of Southern California)

Title: Diphyllin, a novel HIF1alpha inducer, confers neuroprotective effects in Parkinson's cell and worm models, as well as induces ATP13A2, a protein linked to the young onset form of Parkinson's disease, Kufer-Rakeb Syndrome

Tyler Hilsabeck, Kapahi/Brem Laboratories (3rd year, University of Southern California)

Title: Identifying genetic factors that determine stochastic death and rate of aging


Lunch, Poster Session, Vendor Show





Welcome Announcements​


The Inaugural Arnie Kahn Keynote

Professor Dame Linda Partridge

Founding Director of the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing in Cologne, Germany

Director of the UCL Institute of Healthy Ageing

Biological Secretary at the Royal Society


Ph.D. Student Talks

Ph.D. Student 1

Title: TBA

Ph.D. Student 2

Title: TBA

Ph.D. Student 3

Title:  TBA

Ph.D. Student 4

Title: TBA




Student Poster Session


Graduating Dominican Master's Student Talks


Elena Battistoni, Lithgow Laboratory

Title: TBA

Enrique Carrera, Kapahi Laboratory

Title: TBA

Asia Davis-Castillo, Melov Laboratory

Title: TBA

Anne Marker, Verdin Laboratory

Title: TBA

Cavan Patterson, Kapahi Laboratory

Title: TBA

Fadzai Teramayi, Ellerby Laboratory

Title: TBA


Prizes and Closing Remarks



BSAS 2022 Sponsors


Dr. and Mrs. C Ronald Kahn

Jane Carey Kahn



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